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Join Kim for a Meet & Greet and Book Signing.
Sunday, July 4th at Museum of Appalachia, from 1:00pm - 3:00pm.
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Hotdog by Donnelly

About Kim

When Kim Zachman was a kid, she drove her parents crazy asking “Why?” She still asks a lot of questions, and when she finds fun, fascinating answers, she writes about them. She lives in Roswell, Georgia.

Peanut Butter by Donnelly

About There's No Ham in Hamburgers

Why is there no ham in hamburgers? How did we make ice cream before we could make ice? How did hot dogs get their name? From the origins of pizza (which got a big boost from Clarence Birdseye, of all people) to the Cornell professor who invented chicken fingers, There’s No Ham in Hamburgers has all the ingredients for an entertaining and educational middle-grade read. Packed with informative sidebars, recipes, and experiments, along with fabulously funny illustrations by Peter Donnelly, this book is a reading recipe that kids will sink their teeth into!

Hamburger by Donnelly


Who Invented the Hamburger?

Lots of people claim to be the inventor of America’s favorite sandwich, but who do you think should get the credit? There are four leading contenders for the title of “Hamburger Inventor.” Vote for your favorite.

More Food Fun

Happy Birthday Ruth Wakefield!

  Let’s take a moment to honor one of America’s gastronomic heroes today.  This woman has brought so much joy and deliciousness in our lives that I believe her birthday should be a national holiday,  or at least a national baking day. Ruth Wakefield created the chocolate chip cookie. In 1930, Ruth and her husband…

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Chocolate by Donnelly