For Educators

There’s No Ham in Hamburgers has more curriculum tie-ins than I have chocolate in my pantry. Ok, so that’s a lie because I keep a lot of chocolate in my pantry. But it is true that there are many ways to use There’s No Ham in Hamburgers in the classroom.  Check out these Educator’s Guides and see for yourself.

Educator’s Guide Grades 3-5

Educator’s Guide Grades 6-8


There’s No Cream in Cream Soda is brimming with science and history facts. You can use this activity sheet before reading the book and then look for the answers, or after reading the book as a quiz.

Cream Soda Activity Sheet



The material in the book also lends itself to fun, engaging, and educational author presentations.  I’m scheduling school visits for the 2023-2024 school year now.  To learn more about my author visits, click here:  Author visit information


Fun Food STEM

  • Five Simple Science Experiments on Cookie Ingredients from the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture.

  • American Chemical Society asks you to “Eat Chocolate in the Name of Science”

  • Science News for Students offers fun “Cookie Science”

  • Tater Science

  • American Heart Association’s “Making the Most of the Nutrition Facts Label” is a hotbed of potential math problems.

  • Density and Buoyancy experiment using a ketchup packet from American