There’s No Ham in Hamburgers

Published by: Running Press Kids
Release Date: April 6, 2021
ISBN13: 978-0762498079
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Why is there no ham in hamburgers? How did we make ice cream before we could make ice? How did hot dogs get their name? From the origins of pizza to the invention of chicken fingers, There’s No Ham in Hamburgers has all the ingredients for an entertaining read about the history of some of America’s most popular foods.


Biting into the history of hamburgers gave me a taste of just how much America has been influenced by other cultures. Hamburgers and hot dogs came from Germany, pizza from Italy, and French fries from Belgium. Just kidding, they came from France (although Belgium would argue with that). America’s favorite foods are flavored by wars, religion, science, immigration, and innovation in very important ways. For example, the Kellogg brothers might not have invented breakfast cereal if they hadn’t been Seventh Day Adventists.